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Top Five Ways to Save Money on Home Decor

You finally got that new place you’ve been dreaming of and now you need to decorate your new space. Or maybe you are looking to redecorate on a budget. Studies show that prices dip lower when retailers are working to clear out their inventories, which is either early on in the new year or at the end of the summer. Even with this knowledge in mind, furniture and other home decor can be costly, so we are making it easier for you to save some cash and still get some quality items.

5. Shop around online

No matter where you make your purchase, your first source should be the internet. If you’re going for a new piece, it’s best to look around and see what you like first. You can avoid driving from store to store by browsing online. You will get an idea of what styles and colors you like, as well as who offers the best prices. If you find something you like, often times it is cost-effective to order online. Companies offer discounts for this method and it also provides you a convenience you wouldn’t have if you picked up the item instead of having it delivered directly.

4. Even thrift stores have sales

You can find a lot of unique pieces at thrift stores, such as Goodwill and The Salvation Army. Sure, there may be some wear and tear on the pieces, but often times it adds character. If not, you can always repair it and still save money than if you bought the piece new. These stores already start with low prices, but often offer additional savings during special sale days. Most offer discounts to seniors as well.

3. Check out garage sales/estate sales

This one will take some time and patience, but will be worth it when you uncover that hidden treasure. These sales are usually on the weekends and often have the best selection early in the morning before everyone has perused the selection. Also, people who are on a time crunch to get rid of what they have (moving sales, estate sales, etc) are also more likely to negotiate a price with you. Aside from looking in the newspaper, you can also post and search estate sales online through the Estate Sale Network.

2. Refurbish items you already have

It is possible to transform an older piece into something new with fresh paint, new upholstery, or other update. If you have a sofa that is in good condition but doesn’t match, you can also invest in slip covers. TLC’s Furniture Restoration website has some great tips on how to do a lot of different refurbishing projects. This is a great way to update to something new without breaking the bank.

1. Did you say free?

It can’t get any better than free. Of course, there are the occasional items out on the curb that are being given away to good homes. But be wary of these – while you wouldn’t be out any money if you end up not liking the piece, but this is a big way that bed bugs and other unwanted critters can travel. There is also an organization called The Freecycle Network, which gives away other’s items for free, as a way to recycle. You are also able to return the favor and give something to them to give away to someone else. Craigslist has a “free” section as well.

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