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What Home Alone Taught Me About Home Security

No high-tech home security system? No problem. You can learn plenty of helpful home security measures from Kevin McAllister.

Don’t know who Kevin McAllister is? He’s not a ninja or a seasoned security expert. He’s the eight-year old kid from Home Alone (don’t laugh).

Think about it: with no help from the police, young Kevin successfully defended his home against a pair of bad guys who were persistent, if not especially clever. Kevin kept himself and his house safe by employing the following tactics:

  • Make it look like people are home. Kevin took this tip to the extreme by creating marionettes from mannequins and string, and attaching a life-sized cutout to a toy train. If you don’t happen to have access to mannequins and model trains, just use an automatic timer on your lights. Be sure to adjust the settings from time to time, though, to foil would-be burglars looking for patterns.
  • Get creative with your defense. Kevin didn’t defend his domain with traditional security gear. He used what he could find, including a hot iron, a couple paint cans, a blowtorch, ice, and matchbox cars. All made effective weapons, and all happened to be readily available. Take a close look around your home; chances are, you’ll find many items that can double as weapons should the need arise.
  • Use technology to your advantage. The squeaky voice of an eight-year old couldn’t effectively scare away the bad guys, but the booming pipes of James Cagney certainly did. Kevin used the family’s VCR to help him put the bad guys on notice, but you can use more typical tech tools, including motion detectors and bright outdoor lighting.
  • Hit them where it counts. Kevin shot Harry in the crotch with a BB gun, which got a laugh and stopped the bad guy in his tracks. Don’t underestimate the power of an explosive surprise attack on your would-be burglar. You don’t need a BB gun; just aim for sensitive areas like the crotch, neck and head.

Want to protect your home from bad guys? Take a lesson from an eight-year old movie icon: “Be ready for them.”

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