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53 Ways to Protect Your Goods

You want your home to be safe, right?

You want to know that you can sleep soundly at night without somebody looking over you. You want to believe that all of your valuables – your favorite pair of shoes, your TV or computer, your hidden stash of cash – won’t be taken from you. But the idea of home security is just downright boring.

If you wanted to, you could spend hours browsing around the web seeking out all of the best and most guaranteed home security measures. But why bother?

Rather than having to spend all of your time searching for the info, we’ve compiled this ultimate list of home security tips so you can have all the best tips, right now, without wasting any of your time. So, if you want to be safe at home, and want to protect your belongings, without having to browse through dozens of websites, you can’t miss this list.

  1. Use cleverly placed lights to brighten potential break-in locations.
  2. Setup a neighborhood watch program in your neighborhood.
  3. Use a locking gate between front and backyards.
  4. Plant short, thorny bushes near ground level windows.
  5. Use a waist-level picket fence around the front yard.
  6. Use a head-level fence around the back yard.
  7. Ensure that there is good lighting near pathways and pedestrian areas.
  8. Lock any outside sheds or unattached garages.
  9. Maintain your landscaping so your home looks active.
  10. Place a security alarm system sign near doors and entryways.
  11. Leave window shades open during the day, closed during the night.
  12. Keep valuables (TVs, computers, purses, etc.) out of sight from windows.
  13. Remove any home design feature which might grant access to the roof.
  14. Install large deadbolt locks on all outside-facing doors.
  15. Actively use door and window locks at all times.
  16. Use automatic timers to switch lights, radios, and televisions on and off when you’re not home.
  17. Ask neighbors or friends to collect newspapers and fliers if you leave town.
  18. Remove trees and tall shrubbery near windows that might help burglars hide.
  19. Get a dog (big or little, as long as it makes noise).
  20. Use a metal bar or pipe in window and sliding door frames.
  21. Hide spare keys far away and in unique locations, not under rocks or doormats.
  22. Keep ladders and tools locked up and out of view.
  23. Install motion-sensing lights outside your home.
  24. Avoid “checking in” using social media or apps on your phone.
  25. If you have an attached garage, lock the door between it and your home at all times.
  26. If you moved to a new home, replace the locks right away.
  27. Install and regularly use a peephole on all entry doors.
  28. Trim tree branches that may help burglars climb up to entry points.
  29. Keep up the neighborhood appearance by fixing broken lights and signs.
  30. Get a quality home security alarm system installed (and use it).
  31. Install screens on all windows.
  32. Never broadcast your location or vacation plans on social websites.
  33. Close your garage door when you’re not home (and often when you are).
  34. Ensure that your garage door opener has a bright floodlight.
  35. Make sure that your home electric box is locked.
  36. Don’t place boxes for expensive items in a public garbage.
  37. Talk to your local police department for additional security tips.
  38. Don’t give spare keys out to friends.
  39. Set emergency numbers on speed dial.
  40. If you suspect a burglar has entered your home, call for help and do not go inside.
  41. Don’t open the door to anyone you don’t know.
  42. Take care of your yard, suggest to would-be-burglars that somebody actively lives there.
  43. Make sure your house number is visible from the street, in the event of an emergency.
  44. Exterior doors should be made of hardwood or heavy metal.
  45. Reinforce all glass panels or windows near doors.
  46. Bicycles, lawn mowers, grills, and other valuables are stored in a locked garage or shed.
  47. Place protective screens or bars across any basement or ground-level windows.
  48. Do what you can to ensure that the front of your home is visible from the street.
  49. If you see anyone suspicious around, call law enforcement.
  50. Don’t close your drapes or blinds during the day.
  51. If you’re going to be gone for more than two weeks, hire a lawn care service.
  52. Consider hiring a house sitter if you are away from home for long.
  53. Ask any utility or repairmen for identification before allowing them in your home.

Photo by Andrew Magill.

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