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Robberies of the Rich & Famous.

Thieves with a flair for satire recently scaled the side of a Rome apartment building and abseiled into the penthouse residence of Spiderman villain, Willem Defoe. The nimble burglars escaped with thousands of dollars worth of property.

While the ironic case elicited a smirk from more than one of our writers, it also got us thinking…if celebrities – with their burly bodyguards and state-of-the-art security systems – are being robbed, what does that mean for the rest of us?

Note to self: lock doors.

Dafoe’s case also got us wondering what other unlucky celebs have been burgled. We learned of the “Hollywood Hills Burglars,” who allegedly relieved more than 50 celebrities of their hard-earned bling from 2008-2009 (victims included Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Ornaldo Bloom, Paris Hilton, Miranda Kerr, Audrina Patridge, Rachel Bilson, Paris Hilton, Brian Austin Green, Paris Hilton, Megan Fox, Paris Hilton,* and more).

Digging a little deeper, we discovered that at least 11 more, high profile celebs have also reportedly been robbed.

  1. Madonna – In 2000, after breaking into the pop star’s London home, robbers escaped with their loot in one of Madonna’s own cars.
  2. Kirsten Dunst – In 2008, the hotel suite of this Spiderman star was robbed while she was shooting the sequel. Thieves nabbed $2,500 cash, an iPod, and a $13,000 handbag.
  3. Matthew McConaughey – While vacationing in Nicaragua in 2008, the dishy Dazed and Confused star left his villa door unlocked after returning from the bar in a delicate state. Enterprising robbers ransacked the room and pocketed $2,000 cash.
  4. Amanda Peet – In 2009, Peet walked in on a man robbing her New York City apartment. While the star stood speechless, the burglar escaped through a skylight with her jewelry box.
  5. Kate Moss – The supermodel’s London home was invaded in 2010 by art aficionados who walked away with three important works, including a Banksy piece valued at more than $100,000.
  6. Kal Pen – While working as the Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement in 2010, the star of the Harold and Kumar movies was robbed at gunpoint on a Washington D.C. street.
  7. Keira Knightly – In 2010, while Knightly was promoting a film in Rome, her London home was broken into and several computers were stolen.
  8. Tyler Perry – Two teens broke into Perry’s home in Atlanta’s tony Buckhead area in 2010. The famous funnyman wasn’t laughing when he requested the underage prowlers be tried as adults.
  9. Michael Buble – The crooner’s home was compromised in 2011, while he was walking down the aisle in Argentina. In what was reported to be an “inside job,” thieves disarmed the singer’s alarm system and covered the security cameras.
  10. Zsa Zsa Gabor – In 2011, burglars broke into the Bel-Air home of Gabor and husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt. The bad guys bogarted a camera, a laptop and some paintings before being chased by a baseball-bat-bearing prince.
  11. Joey Essex – England’s favorite playboy weathered a blow in 2011, when his Marbella villa was robbed while he was vacationing there. Along with a laptop, cash, and designer clothing, the star’s prized UGG boots apparently went missing in the heist.

* Yes, the “Bling Ring” hit the home of Paris Hilton five times before the socialite noticed anything amiss.

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