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Six Simple Things You Need to Know About Staying Safe

Whether you’ve been a victim of domestic abuse, are afraid of being attacked in your home or out on the street, or just want to stay safe, being safe is all about knowing what to do.

Here are the six things you need to know about staying safe.

Be alert!

Being aware of what’s going on around you is the number one thing that prevents crime and abuse. If you think you’re in a dangerous situation (for example: if your spouse pushes you just once or if there’s a stranger wandering around your neighborhood), it’s better to stay safe and alert someone to what’s going on. Better safe than sorry, right?

Lock up.

The best way to prevent a home break-in is to lock your doors and windows. You wouldn’t believe how many victims could have prevented their attack if they had only remembered to lock all their doors. Even if you’re at home: play it safe and lock up.

You can make your home a tough target.

Floodlights, motion detectors, home security systems, and heavy-duty locks and glass are surprisingly affordable these days. Installing any of these things makes your home a tough target for anyone trying to break in.

Get involved.

Start or join a neighborhood watch program, sign-up for self-defense classes, do anything you can to become an active protector of yourself, your home, and your family. It doesn’t take a lot of time to get involved, so why not?

Always have a way out.

Never let your guard down. Whether you’re at home, out for a walk, at work, or anywhere, always have some type of escape plan in mind so you can instinctively know what to do if trouble strikes. Setting up a safety net of good friends and family can also help.


Even with all of the prevention you establish, there may come a day when you have to fight for your life. If that situation ever does arrive, don’t be afraid to fight for yourself.

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