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Self Defense? Dr. Ruthless Shows Us How It’s Done

Ok, we get it. These videos are a little out of date. The mullets alone harken a different, hairier time. But try to look beyond the 80s hair and really listen to what Dr. Ruthless says here.

Watch her techniques and learn from them, because headbanger-hair aside, she makes some excellent points.

Among the important tips from this women’s self defense video:

  • Use the element of surprise to your benefit.
  • Immediately attack back.
  • Act explosively by moving from your center of gravity; don’t just flail your arms.
  • Attack sensitive areas such as the crotch, neck, and head.

We’ll admit it: we were intrigued by this self-described “scrappy bitch,” so we visited her website. Again, we dug what we found. Dr. Ruthless is smart and educated – able to respond to naysayers with aplomb and provide simple solutions for dangerous situations.

We encourage you to check out this video and website. It might make you laugh, but it’ll probably teach you a thing or two about self protection.

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