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The Overwhelming Fear of Being Unsafe at Home

Home shouldn’t be a place where fear of being unsafe is let in.

When there is so much to fear outside of the home, inside is the last place that fear should be, right? Home should be a shelter for you and your family, the one place you can go to know that everything will be alright. But with more than 25% of women in the United States reporting that they have been attacked by a loved one, the home suddenly isn’t the safest place to be for many Americans.

Maybe you have experienced the fear of being unsafe at home yourself, maybe you haven’t, but the fear is very real for millions of people. There’s no denying it.

The fear doesn’t need to be there though. There are places each of us can go for help, and things you can do to protect yourself and your family now. Call for help today if you need it, even if you haven’t become a victim yet, seek help if you’re afraid you may be. If you haven’t already: consider taking a small self-defense class (many local police stations offer services or can help you find a place to get started), buy a self-defense weapon and learn how to use it, and most importantly: set up a network of close friends and neighbors.

A good network of friends or neighbors can watch out for one another closely and call for help in times of need.

The overwhelming fear of being unsafe at home doesn’t need to be there. Make sure it’s not by preparing yourself however you can. Better safe than sorry, right?

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