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10 Ways to Make a Happy Home

What makes a happy home?

If you haven’t yet, and your kids are old enough to understand, consider asking your children what they think makes a happy home.

That’s what Diane Loomans teaches in her parenting workshops, and some of the answers she’s received are becoming universal truths. If you want to have a happy home for your children, consider these 10 ways:

  1. Hug More. “When I come home, my mom and dad hug me a lot. That’s when my house feels happiest!” (Nora, age eight)
  2. Create Special Moments. “My home is happy when my mom lights candles while we eat dinner.” (Harvey, age ten)
  3. Cook Together. “I like it when we cook something yummy together — like cookies or bread — and the house smells delicious!” (Robert, age nine)
  4. Celebrate Art. “My house has a big refrigerator with kids’ artwork and magnets all over it, and even some that fall off!” (Tobias, age five)
  5. Relax and Enjoy One Another. “We have lots of puppy piles — all of us lie all over each other on the couch and laugh a lot.” (Katrina, age eight)
  6. Share Special Time Before Bed. “I like it when my mommy brushes my hair for a long time and sings songs to me at night before bed.” (Beth, age four)
  7. Play Games Together. “A home is happy when everybody has fun playing checkers or Monopoly and eats popcorn, too.” (Jason, age thirteen)
  8. Keep Good and Nutritious Food in the House. “My house feels good when there’s lots of really good food to eat.” (Merrill, age seven)
  9. Dance and Play Music Together. “In my house, when it’s happy, there is music playing and we all dance together.” (Amber, age eleven)
  10. Appreciate One Another “My mom sits and looks at me and smiles sometimes when my house is happy.” (Kalenda, age four)

There are even more ways to make a happy home – and information on how to do a happy home interview with your own children – over on the InnerSelf blog.

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