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What a Home Invasion Feels Like, Part 2

Have you ever really thought about what it might be like to have your home invaded?

We asked a few people who have lived through a home invasion or burglary if they would be willing to share their experience with VAW Prevention readers. We previous covered this story from a single mom. Here’s another story from a mom who experienced a home burglary that didn’t end how you might expect.

Here’s the story.

The break-in occurred while my children and I were at my parents’ house.

As we returned home, walking into the house from the garage, we found the back window shattered. I told my children to stay near me, and together we walked through the house and upstairs to my bedroom.

My blood ran cold as I saw a hooded man rummaging through my drawers. Panicked, I slammed the door and locked it from the outside.

I called 911; the police arrived in minutes and apprehended the intruder, who had broken his leg jumping out of my second story window. The officers told me that the window had been broken with an axe stored in my shed; they said that if I’d locked the shed, the intruder might not have been able to get in.

I now lock all doors and windows on my property, and have installed a home security system. As a single mom, it’s up to me to protect my home and family.

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