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Want to be Safe? Be Informed

“Knowledge is love and light and vision.” – Helen Keller

When it comes to being safe, the best defense if being informed. But that sounds a lot like gobbly gook, right?

While you were growing up you probably heard the saying, it’s been used on TV shows and ad campaigns, it’s been in the news and everywhere in between: “knowledge is power.” In-fact, knowledge is so important that one organization, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, is running a campaign to gain $25,000 in order to raise awareness of women’s issues.

But I’m not here to bore you with the value of being informed. Instead, I want you to look at how important information is to you in your own life, and ask yourself whether you know enough to be safe.

As a mother, you not only have to be informed to keep yourself safe, but also your family too.

What types of information do you need? The best knowledge is about your surroundings, your home and your neighborhood. Is your home setup to invite intruders in? Do you have a system setup in the event of an emergency? What about your neighbors, do you know them well enough to ask for help if you needed it? Is there a neighborhood watch program you can participate in? If you had to defend yourself, do you know what it would take to do so?

These are important questions for all of us to ask. What would your answers be?

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