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Top 5 Reasons Single Moms Are Safer Than Married Moms

When it comes to safety in the home, single moms tend to be far more secure than their married counterparts.

It’s true. As the only parent in the home, single mothers feel a greater responsibility to protect their families and properties. Their circumstances have also made it so that single moms are more aware of the dangerous possibilities in seemingly safe communities.

When we consider the evidence, we see that single moms practice a few key safety habits everyone can learn from.

  1. Single moms know how to defend themselves.
    Whether or not they’ve taken a self-defense class, single mothers tend to remain aware and alert to their surroundings. This greatly reduces the likelihood that they will be attacked–in their homes or elsewhere.
  2. Single moms listen to their intuition.
    Single moms know that when it comes to protecting their home, it’s up to them. So if they hear a strange noise or something just doesn’t feel right, they’re more likely to listen to their intuition and take action, while married moms might defer to their spouses or keep quiet.
  3. Single moms instill self-awareness in their children.
    Because kids follow the example set by their parents, children of single moms are likely to be aware of their surroundings, alert to potential dangers in their communities, and likely to turn to trusted neighbors for help if the need arises. These actions help to keep them safe.
  4. Single moms reach out to trusted neighbors.
    Whether it’s to keep an eye on their kids or for help cleaning out the rain gutters, single moms tend to reach out to trusted neighbors more than married moms. This plays a big role in home security, because it means that more people are watching–that more people would notice something suspicious or out of the ordinary.
  5. Single moms install home security systems.
    Single moms know that they won’t always hear the things that go bump in the night, but a home security system will. They are highly likely to have home security systems installed, to offer peace of mind and protection, and to help keep their families safe.

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