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What is the ADT Pulse® Mobile App for Smartphones and What Does It Do?–ADT FAQ

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What is the ADT Pulse® Mobile App for Smartphones and What Does It Do?

ADT monitoring offers ADT Pulse® and its accompanying ADT Pulse® mobile app. The ADT Pulse® mobile app has a variety of features that keep you connected to your home and to help improve your daily life.

What the ADT Pulse® Mobile App Can Do

The ADT Pulse® mobile app offers several home security features. Whether you are snuggled in bed or in the office and want to arm your security system, you can do so with the touch of a button. With this security app, you can see your alarm status, check motion sensors, doors, and windows, and watch live video feeds from any security cameras you have connected. In addition to the home security aspects of this app, you can use it to connect to the smart home features you have paired with ADT Pulse®. This means you can log on to control your lights and appliances, so you don’t waste energy, which can help you save on your electric bill. You can also adjust the smart thermostat from anywhere in or away from your home. This can also conserve energy and keep your home at the temperature you want.

How to Use the ADT Pulse® App

The ADT Pulse® app accompanies the ADT Pulse® system, so to use the app, you must first have ADT Pulse® installed in your home. Once you do, you can download the app onto your mobile devices and set up the connections to your smart thermostat and other small appliances. From there, you can use the ADT Pulse® app to control these different aspects of your home anytime, anywhere.

How the ADT Pulse® App Differs From Other Apps

The ADT Pulse® Voice app is similar to the standard ADT Pulse® app and performs all of the same functions. However, the ADT Pulse® Voice app is a voice-controlled smart home phone app that allows you to activate these features by saying a command to your phone.

The MyADT app is not a smart home app. Instead of enabling you to control aspects of your home security and appliances, the MyADT app gives you control over your account itself. You can still check your alarm activity, but this app allows you to view and pay your bill, sign up for and manage ADT EasyPay, manage verbal security passwords, and add, edit, and delete emergency contacts.

With the ADT Pulse® mobile app, you can stay connected to your smart home at all times from anywhere you have an Internet connection. If you want a powerful feature like this in your home, consider signing up for ADT Pulse® and downloading its mobile app today.